Vetramil® Auris

Vetramil® Auris

Vetramil Auris is a unique formulation with honey for grooming of the outer ear cavity. The antioxidants in honey are soothing for the sensitive and red skin in the ear. For everyday problems with the ears, cleaning of the ears is very important. Vetramil Auris contains Propylene glycol that supports cleaning of the ears by dissolving cumulated ear wax. Vetramil Auris does not contain pharmaceuticals or conservatives.

To use for:


Vetramil Auris, bottle with silicone applicator, 50 ml

Propylene glycol, Mel, Aqua, Polysorbate 80.

The products have a shelf life of three years after production. The storage conditions/temperature is between 4° and 30°C.

For Vetramil® Auris, only pure and high quality ingredients are used. Production takes place under the certified quality system of Bfactory Health Products B.V.

Pharmaceutical substances
Vetramil® Auris does not contain pharmaceutical substances.

Directions for use
Vetramil® Auris is an effective product that can be applied to animals with sensitive ears, such as dogs, cats, horses, rodents, sheep. Use once or twice per day.

Download Vetramil® Auris leaflet (PDF)