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The Vetramil products support natural skin recovery, to be used for broad range of skin defects. All our products are manufactured under hygienic conditions following specifications of our quality system.

Years of research and usage in practice have shown that Vetramil® is successful for a broad range of defects. Clear benefits of using Vetramil® are a safe and successful way of supporting the body to recover.

Tests are being carried out continuously, both to develop new honey based products for skin defects and infection control.
- Based on effective honey
- Absolutely safe
- Broad range of applicability
- Broad portfolio
  • Vetramil Mamel is an injector with honey and essential oils for dairy cows to assist the recovery of udders.
  • Vetramil® Met uterus cleaner is a honey based cleaner for cows. 
  • Vetramil honey ointment contains pure, honey with a high enzyme content.
  • Vetramil® Pad is product intended to cover and protect skin.