Vetramil® Pad (10×10)

Vetramil® Pad (10×10)

Vetramil® Pad is product intended to cover and protect the skin. Vetramil® Pad is composed of natural cellulose-derived fibres that can absorb fluid. The absorption layer is coated on both sides to prevent adherence of the pad. The outer coating is permeable and transports moisture to the inner absorptive layer. The viscose fibres can absorb moisture and retain the moisture between the outer barrier layers.

Absorption fluid
Vetramil® Pad is a moist dressing, however, the fibres are not saturated with the dressing fluid. The fibres are able to absorb a moderate amount of additional fluid.

To use for:


Vetramil® Pads are packaged in transparent pouches. The pouches can be opened by tearing at the incision. Vetramil® Pads are available in packages of five pads in a box.


The products have shelf life of three years after pad impregnation and sterilization. The storage conditions/temperature is between 4° and 30°C.

The honey applied in the dressing fluid is free of residues and has a high enzyme content. For microbial safety, Vetramil® Pads are gamma-irradiated. 

Pharmaceutical substances
Vetramil products do not contain pharmaceutical substances.

Directions for use

Download Vetramil® Pad (10×10) leaflet (PDF)