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October 2023

Vetramil®, Leading Dutch Honey-Based Product, is Now Available in the US

For 17 years, Vetramil has been providing pets and large animals in over 30 countries with the natural benefits of honey–and it is now available to pets in the United States as well.

RHENEN, October 30, 2023 Vetramil, the popular Dutch honey-based product family for veterinary applications, is now available in the United States. Vetramil was developed by Bfactory in close collaboration with Wageningen University & Research in The Netherlands. This medical grade honey product was originally developed for human applications and later reformulated to meet the specific needs for veterinary use.

Bfactory was founded in 2000 by Dr. Tineke Creemers and Dr. Willem Bosma based on research about enzymes they discovered in honey that have beneficial properties. In 2006, the Bfactory team expanded their portfolio to include products for animals with their Vetramil brand.

Dr. Willem Bosma comments, “Many veterinarians have heard about the functionality of honey. But it is our scientific knowledge on medical grade honey that allows us to optimize the enzyme content and create a consistent and safe honey product for animals.”

Vetramil was the first family of honey-based products for animal skin care available in the market in Europe. The Vetramil line of honey products has been optimized to support skin health through a formulation of honey and essential oils and can be used in a multimodal approach to caring for compromised skin.

Over 1.5 million tubes of Vetramil Ointment have been sold since its introduction, and Vetramil is one of the most popular honey products amongst veterinarians in Europe.

Dr. Tineke Creemers noted, “We’re excited to bring this proven product to pets in the US who are in need. Our commitment to providing effective skin solutions with minimal environmental impact has made our products popular across more than 30 countries, and we can’t wait to expand our footprint and help even more pets through this market expansion.”


About Bfactory

Bfactory was established 23 years ago in The Netherlands to develop medical grade honey-based products to support skin health for both human and veterinary applications. After the successful launch of human medical-grade products, Bfactory reformulated their honey-based products for animal-specific use with their Vetramil brand that was launched in 2006. Vetramil is popular across 30 countries, and now it is also available in the United States. The product line includes Vetramil Honey Ointment, Vetramil Spray, Vetramil Paw Wax, Vetramil Derma Shampoo and Vetramil Auris. Learn more at



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