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Vetramil Spray is specially designed for animals with rough and irritated skin. The spray contains the same active ingredients as Vetramil honey ointment (honey, essential oils). The active honey components are delivered in a liquid formulation with excellent spraying properties.

Vetramil Spray forms a thin and long-lasting protective layer over the affected skin. The enzymes and the low pH of honey help to keep the skin pure and support the natural recovery capacity of the skin. The antioxidants in honey are soothing for the sensitive and red skin. Vetramil Spray also contains specific essential oils that are helpful to maintain a good skin condition. In addition, the essential oils give the Spray fluid a pleasant odour.

Vetramil Spray is intended to be used for skin areas of the animal that are difficult to reach (e.g. the legs of a horse), for larger areas (e.g. belly of a dog) and for animals that are very sensitive and do not allow touching on the sensitive spot. Spraying does not create a sound, therefore the animals are not startled during the application.